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Our over all goal is to make a convenient place for everyone to come to to find information on every coin ever made. As each new coin is added or updated our website will automatically update itself accordingly to display this information.

Cryptocurrencies have been around since 1983 when founding father David Chaum conceived the idea of eCash, the trademark of his company DigiCash. In 1995 he was able to get his bank to use his coin for micro payments until 1998. After eCash failed 11 years went by until Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a new type of coin, Bitcoin. Bitcoin started off slowly but it steadily grew as more and more people adopted the concept. Today there are over a thousand currencies built off of the Bitcoin and Litecoin concepts with more being added daily.

07/05/2017A new searchable algorithms database has been added to the Database menu called Search Algorithms
07/04/2017An All option has been added to the Database menu, view all coins listed in the beta database in one place.
07/04/2017The beta database has been updated to be more user friendly
07/03/2017Flavorcoin Radio has been added to Space Bird, Crypto Bird, and Snake, listen to the radio as you flap and move your way to greatness
07/03/2017A new DKV2:Universe promotional video has been made, view more here
06/04/2017Crypto Databases base code has been fully upgraded to the latest code bases for the first time in 4 years, congrats to me..
06/01/2017A new Altcoin Price list has been added to the database. This price list was provided by and can be found under the Price Tools menu.
05/25/2017A new ranking database has been added under the Database menu. You can view the top 100 ranked coins via votes as well as visit that coins information.
05/19/2017The Vote tab on the index page has been updated, you can now click on the coins name to be taken to its information
05/19/2017HONEY has been added to our list of informational websites
05/10/2017The Exchange database has been updated and improved.
04/10/2017New Multi-Account security has been added to the faucets. You will be automatically banned if the system detects multiple accounts.
03/30/2017TattooCoin, EverGreenCoin, and Scorecoin have been added to the database.
03/30/2017The bug with the vote system has been fixed.
03/28/2017Due to a recent loss of data Crypto Database was restored to a previous version and DKV has been closed.
06/17/2016The Algorithms database has been upgraded to include background information and links to that information
06/16/2016A new Dragon and a new Dragon Arena are just a part of the next update so stay tuned.
06/12/2016Rubies has been added to Dragon Knights of Valeria and can now be earned in game.
06/12/2016Rubies will be added to Dragon Knights of Valeria soon.
06/04/2016Play and earn HTML5, BTC, LTC, DOGE, GP, HYPER, and SWIFT as you play!
05/27/2016A new huge update has been added to, visit to read more about this update.
05/25/201673 new exchanges have been listed in the Exchanges database.
05/01/2016Our new faucet rotator has been released. Collect BTC, LTC, DOGE, PPC, and XPM easily in one place.
04/21/2016MOON payments are delayed due to wallet sync issues. They will be sent as soon as possible.
04/04/2016The issue with voting has been fixed, you can now vote daily
03/31/2016More coins have been added to the database bringing it to a total of 1,532 coins
03/29/2016The bug allowing users to vote multiple times for the same coin has been fixed. Votes have been sorted out again and is now accurate. Users can only vote one time per coin per day.
03/29/2016Faucet payments have been sent, thank you for using our faucets
03/29/2016The 1,500th coin has been added to the database
03/26/2016Faucet payments have been sent, thank you for using our faucets
03/24/2016Majority of the coins have been readded, thanks to Sora and Epiales for their help
03/22/2016The I, K, L, and M categories have been completed.
03/21/2016The H, J, Q, and T categories have been completed.
03/19/2016Collect Bitswift (SWIFT) on our new PTC addition,
03/18/2016The D, E, F, and U categories have been completed.
03/17/2016The A, B, C, and V categories have been completed.
03/16/2016The Exchanges, Algorithms, W, X, Y, Z, and Others categories have been completed.
03/16/2016Due to a recent loss of the database we are currently readding coins and their information back into the database. Please bear with us while we sort this out.
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Welcome to the monetization of the Internet! The Future Is Here!

HTML5 Coin is a Gen 2 pow/pos crypto-currency with instant transactions and does not require miners to function.

HTML5 Website

Bitcointalk Thread

HTML5 has a vastly ever-growing teams spread all through the world. We all work seperate but together with a shared goal to unite Crypto with HTML5 and to progress the plans of the coin in general. Our HTML5 community is now a multiple developer project which allow several individual developers to contribute to the coin growth. The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness. The multi-dev approach system will help HTML5 grow much faster and help make it a friendly development environment. The multi-developer system objectives are: to recruit new individual developer to join the community; to host communication hub for community developers to share idea and resources; and to promote new ideas or projects through HTML5 promoters.

LowCap Club

All cryptocoins entering the market start small, but with the right help, the sky is the limit.

LowCap Club helps independent development teams and coins with a low market cap. LowCap Club is a cryptocoin launch and promotion platform designed to help small coins grow.

LowCap Club has the latest tools for cryptocoin developers and supporters.

- Discover cryptocoins that are ready to rise.
- Support independent cryptocoin creation.
- Take cryptocoin technology to the next level.

Visit and become part of the community that only sees potential.

Have your coin listed here.

Your coin and its information can be listed in this tab. For an example please check out the HTML5coin tab.

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