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Nice website! Very informative and user-friendly. I'm sure I'll be spending some more time referencing it in the future.

nutildah BitCoinTalk

You're in for a lot of updates. Thanks though, it'll be nice to know when we hit 10k altcoins.

Willisius BitCoinTalk

nice website very good and nice layout

feryjhie BitCoinTalk

Nice site, I have actually never seen anything like this before.

Lunar CryptoForums

Nice man looks pretty god d*** sick!

Data CryptoForums

This looks pretty d*** good!

Rogue CryptoForums

The site looks legit man! Good work

OG! CryptoForums

They're both really shitty if you want my honest opinion.

Distro ByteForums

wow, this is impressive work, thank you firstly! I came here to discover coins and err that's what I'll be doing for the rest of my life it seems, thanks to this resource!

YesBoss69 BitCoinTalk

i like the idea alot

kingscrown BitCoinTalk

Great site! keep up the good work

grosminer BitCoinTalk

This is a very nice source of information for anyone new to crypto or looking to expand their knowledge. A lot of coins which I did not heard of are found on your website and that's great. Keep up the great work.

morpheus AltCoinTalk