DKV2: Universe

Earn BTC, LTC, DOGE, HYPER, HONEY, and SCORE as you play this space based strategy game. Upgrade your Battle Cruiser and fight your way through the Universe as you expand your Empire.

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Space Bird

Space Bird is a browser based Flappy Bird clone used to hold contests between Crypto Database users. Prizes are paid out at the end of each contest.

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Crypto Bird

Crypto Bird is a browser based Flappy Bird clone that users can play to pass the time. Scores for players who are logged in will be recorded for the Top lists.

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Keep track of the value of up to 10 different currencies you own via our new Portfolio feature. Just choose a coin, enter the amount you wish to keep track of, and submit.

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Interested in reading about Crypto Database, DKV2:Universe, or other websites in the CD network? Check out our SteemIt

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LowCap Club

All cryptocoins entering the market start small, but with the right help, the sky is the limit.

LowCap Club helps independent development teams and coins with a low market cap. LowCap Club is a cryptocoin launch and promotion platform designed to help small coins grow.

LowCap Club has the latest tools for cryptocoin developers and supporters.

- Discover cryptocoins that are ready to rise.
- Support independent cryptocoin creation.
- Take cryptocoin technology to the next level.

Visit and become part of the community that only sees potential.

Have your coin listed here.

Your coin and its information can be listed in this tab. For an example please check out the LowCap Club tab.

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Pricing and Options

11 Week0%0.000445630.058579139647684233359
22 Weeks1%0.000882340.11598667190815218366652
31 Month2%0.001746850.22963017377830121641213169
42 Months3%0.003458050.45457401747959623252326069
53 Months4%0.00513360.674831521110388514833438701
64 Months5%0.00677350.890402714650116786374551064
75 Months6%0.008377751.1012875518120144447885663158
86 Months7%0.009946351.3074860721512171499356674983
99 Months8%0.01475911.940140623192225447138798111265
1012 Months9%0.01946492.5587361842100335601830130146741
1115 Months10%0.024063753.1632727552046414892262160181410
1218 Months12%0.02823483.7115733661067486812654188212854
1324 Months15%0.0363634.780056678647626953418242274131

To have your coin listed here please use the Contact page. There is a charge of ~$2.50/week for this listing.

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