Scorecoin - Get the Score

The original Scorecoin, which was a Proof of Work Coin, has been updated to implement Masternode capabilities. The current version is now Proof of Stake (POS). Our vision for Scorecoin is to connect game developers and gamers, enabling them to seamlessly transact and purchase additional functionality within respective games.The main usage envisioned for Scorecoin is to be an in-game Currency for mobile games. We also plan to get Scorecoin accepted within game stores as a payment method.

Scorecoin in its current state offers two distinct advantages over Bitcoin as a traditional payments method:
Scorecoin transactions are confirmed in a much faster fashion, lending themselves more useful for payments processing
The expensive transaction fees for Bitcoin do not lend themselves useful for small transactions. Scorecoin facilitates micro transactions for in-gape purchases

To differentiate from projects that may operate in the gaming sphere, we have clearly narrowed our focus on a specific channel, mobile games. More specifically, we will concentrate on Android games in the initial stages, with a plan to broaden our in-app currency solution offerings to IOS games in the near future. The Masternode version is POS, meaning that you do not need dedicated machines to mine it. This provides Scorecoin community and miners an energy efficient and simple mining solution. By locking coins, masternode owners are incentivized to continue operating their node to receive a periodic reward in the form of more Scorecoins.